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Volume 65.3 (2017)

Special Issue Non-Canonical Grammar
Issue Editors: Claudia Lange, Tanja Rütten

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  • Claudia Lange, Tanja Rütten, “Non-Canonical Grammar!?”
  • Teresa Pham, “‘Hard to Beat Dickens’ Characters:’ Non-Canonical Syntax in Evaluative Texts.”
  • Sandra Götz, “Non-Canonical Syntax in South Asian Varieties of English: A Corpus-Bases Pilot Study on Fronting.”
  • Sven Leuckert, “Typological Interference in Information Structure: The Case of Topicalization in Asia.”
  • Thomas Kohnen, “Non-Canonical Speech Acts in the History of English.”
  • Markus Freudinger, “Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda – Non-Canonical Forms on the Move?”
  • Ilka Mindt, “Chosen.”