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ZAA (Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik) is a reviewed quarterly that covers all areas of English Studies: literature, culture, and language. This homepage offers you a glimpse at current affairs as well as an overview of its publishing history from 2004 onwards, of submission requirements and organisational structures.

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Volume 69.2 (2021) [View Content]


  • Raphael Zähringer
    “The Short Story, the New Weird, and the Literary Market”
  • Christoph Reinfandt
    “The Long and the Short of It: Approaching the (Un-)Representable in China Miéville’s ‘The Tain’ (2002) and ‘The Condition of New Death’ (2014)”
  • Guido Isekenmeier
    “Descriptive Economy in the New Weird Short Story:China Miéville’s ‘The Condition of New Death’”
  • Nicola Glaubitz
    “Mean Streets: Tracking the Dispositives of Address(es) with China Miéville’s ‘Reports of Certain Events in London’”
  • Heinrich Wilkest
    “Character and Perspective in Cosmic Horror: Lovecraft and Kiernan”
  • Reviews:

  • Maria Sulimma
    Stefan Schubert: Narrative Instability: Destabilizing Identities, Realities, and Textualities in
    Contemporary Popular Culture
  • Lisa Ebert
    Michael Weber: Die Chronologie von Emily Brontës Wuthering Heights. Literary and
    Cultural Studies, Theory and the (New) Media
  • Thomas Austenfeld
    Timo, Müller: The African American Sonnet: A Literary History