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Volume 66.2 (2018)

Special Issue Cultural Techniques

Issue Editors: Susanne Bayerlipp, Ralf Haekel, Johannes Schlegel

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  • Susanne Bayerlipp, Ralf Haekel, and Johannes Schlegel, “Introduction”
  • Susanne Bayerlipp, “‘Of barbarouse people and what miserable lyves they leade’ – William Thomas’s Tana and Persia and the Cultural Techniques of Early Modern Translation”
  • Johannes Schlegel, “‘Disjoint and out of Frame’: Hamlet and the Problem of Synchrony”
  • Stephanie Sommerfeld, “The Posthumanist Technological Sublime as Cultural Technique: Poe’s ‘The Man That Was Used Up’”
  • Ralf Haekel, “Cultural Techniques, Media History, and the Art of Poetry: T.S. Eliot’s Four Quartets
  • Robert Smid, “on Cartographic Techniques in Literature”
  • Nicola Glaubitz, “Cultural Techniques and the Politics of Detail: Tom McCarthy’s Remainder and/as Media Theory”