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ZAA (Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik) is a reviewed quarterly that covers all areas of English Studies: literature, culture, and language. This homepage offers you a glimpse at current affairs as well as an overview of its publishing history from 2004 onwards, of submission requirements and organisational structures.

Latest issue ZAA 2020-I4 available now!

Volume 68.4 (2020) [View Content]

  • Peter Uhrig
    “Multimodal Research in Linguistics”
  • Jakub Jehlička and Eva Lehečková
    “Multimodal Event Construals: The Role of Co-Speech Gestures in English vs. Czech Interactions”
  • Anna Wilson
    “It’s Time to Do News Again”
  • Daniel Alcaraz Carrión, Cristóbal Pagán Cánovas, and Javier Valenzuela
    “Enaction Through Co-Speech Gesture: The Rhetorical Handling of the Mental Timeline”
  • Thomas Herbst
    “What Film Translation Can Tell us About the Creation of Meaning, the Role of Accents and Gestures: A Few Essayistic Remarks About Multimodality”
  • Mark Turner
    “Suggestive Landscape”