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ZAA (Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik) is a reviewed quarterly that covers all areas of English Studies: literature, culture, and language. This homepage offers you a glimpse at current affairs as well as an overview of its publishing history from 2004 onwards, of submission requirements and organisational structures.

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Volume 64.3 (2016)

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  • Pascal Fischer and Julia Novak, “Introduction: Poetry and Performance.”
  • Angelika Zirker, “‘Oh make thy selfe with holy mourning blacke’: Aspects of Drama and Performance in John Donne’s Holy Sonnet ‘Oh My Black Soule.’”
  • Ralf Haekel, “Performance, Performativity, and the Medium of Poetry: W. B. Yeats’s ‘Among School Children.’”
  • Katrin Röder, “Engaging with T.S. Eliot: Four Quartets as a Multimedia Performance.”
  • Merle Tönnies, Joana Brüning and Andrea Sand, “The Duality of Page and Stage: Constructing Lyrical Voices in Contemporary British Poetry Written for Performance.”
  • Sarah Herbe, “Popular Songs, Poetry and Performance: Observations on an On-going Debate.”
  • Pascal Fischer, “‘I wanna be a Rock Star!’ Lyrical Communication in Self-Referential Rock Songs.”
  • Julia Novak and Pascal Fischer, “On the Interface between Page and Stage: Interview with Patience Agbabi.”