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ZAA (Zeitschrift für Anglistik und Amerikanistik) is a reviewed quarterly that covers all areas of English Studies: literature, culture, and language. This homepage offers you a glimpse at current affairs as well as an overview of its publishing history from 2004 onwards, of submission requirements and organisational structures.

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Volume 64.2 (2016)

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  • Norbert Schaffeld, “Aspects of the Science Novel.”
  • Roslynn D. Haynes, “Bringing Science into Fiction.”
  • Anton Kirchhofer and Natalie Roxburgh, “The Scientist as ‘Problematic Individual’ in Contemporary Anglophone Fiction.”
  • Norbert Schaffeld, “The Historical Science Novel and the Narrative of an Emergent Scientific Discourse.”
  • Nina Engelhardt, “Scientific Metafiction and Postmodernism.”
  • Sylvia Mayer, “Science in the World Risk Society: Risk, the Novel, and Global Climate Change.”
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