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Volume 67.3 (2019)
Special Issue The Language of Populism
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  • Anna Islentyeva, “The Europe of Scary Metaphors: The Voices of the British Right-Wing Press.”
  • Anatol Stefanowitsch, “Delivering a Brexit Deal to the British People: Theresa May as a Relcuctant Populist.”
  • Michael Kranert, “Populist Elements in the Election Manifestoes of AfD and UKIP.”
  • Veronika Köller and Marlene Miglbauer, “What Drives the Right-Wing Populist Vote? Topics, Motivations, and Representations in an Online Vox Pop with Voters for the Alternative für Deutschland.”
  • Naomi Truan, “Talking about, for, and to the People: Populism and Representation in Parliamentary Debates in Europe.”