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Volume 66.3 (2018)

Special Issue Linguistic Creativity

Issue Editors: Susanne Bayerlipp, Ralf Haekel, and Johannes Schlegel

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  • Thomas Hoffmann, “Creativity and Construction Grammar: Cognitive and Psychological Issues”
  • Alexander Bergs, “Learn the Rules like a Pro, so you can Break them like an Artist (Picasso): Linguistic Aberrancy from a Constructional Perspective”
  • Peter Uhrig, “I don’t want to go all Yoko Ono on you”
  • Thomas Herbst, “Collo-Creativity and Blending: Recognizing Creativity Requires Lexical Storage in Constructional Slots”
  • Hendrik De Smet, “Unwitting Inventors: Speakers Use -ly-Adverbs More Creatively when Primed”
  • Paul van Eecke, Katrien Beuls, “Exploring the Creative Potential of Computational Construction Grammar”
  • Mark Turner, “The Role of Creativity in Multimodal Construction Grammar”
  • Graeme Trousdale, “Creativity Parallels between Language and Music”
  • Peter Schneck, “Creative Grammarians: Cognition, Language and Literature – An Exploratory Response”